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Operational Keywords

  • Design

    SUNFLOWER SOLAR  is committed to design solar water heating systems that are functional, cost effective and environmentally friendly. SUNFLOWER SOLAR  employs a team of highly experienced engineers to cater for all their clients’ technical requirements


  • Supply

    On time! Best quality! Best price!


  • Install

    All installations performed by trained staff in accordance with statutory and technical standards.


  • Quality control

    On completion of installations, all systems are operationally tested to ensure correct  functionality and design.


  • Train

    SUNFLOWER SOLAR ensures that all their staff is adequately trained and they receive regular refresher courses to update their skills. It is also the policy of SUNFLOWER SOLAR  to train and monitor members of the local community. 


  • Maintain

    Compile and maintain a database of suppliers to ensure adequate spares,  stockholding and further to involve members of the local communities in maintenance programs .Our products have been designed and engineered to manage our South African climate and are available at affordable prices.

    • One  key focus  is providing solar water heating and lighting to the RDP, Low-income and mid income communities on a national scale. Sunflower Renewable Energy has developed various models to support a mass roll-out of solar water heating systems and solar lighting in these sectors.
    • Sunflower Renewable Energy believes that Solar Water Heating and the development of Renewable Energy Technologies will form a key part in the sustainable development of our country as well as combating long-term climate change. Our vision is to play an integral role in the national roll-out of solar energy solutions that are cost effective to Developers, Home Owners, Government and Municipalities alike thereby creating job opportunities and building sustainable enterprises and clean cities