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  • Thermosyphon: Water rises naturally from the collector into the geyser.
  • Pump system: A pump is used to circulate the heat from the collector into the geyser.
  • Direct solar geyser: The water that is heated up inside the collector is the same water that is circulated in the geyser.
  • Evacuated tube: A tube used in solar geysers. It is 2 glass tubes that are fused at the top and the bottom. The inner tube has a solar absorbing coating and the space between the two tubes is evacuated to form a vacuum.
  • kPa: Kilopascal is the SI unit for measuring pressure.
  • Polyurethane foam: A foam made by adding water to polyurethane plastics. (Various polymers containing urethane radicals)
  • Anodized aluminium: Aluminium that has been thickened by an electrolytic passivation process which thickens the natural oxide layer on the surface.
  • Rockwool: A mineral wool which is an inorganic fibrous substance that is produced by processes of steam blasting and cooling molten glass.
  • Inorganic: Relating to a compound that does not contain any carbon.
  • Galvanized steel: Steel that is coated in a thin layer of zinc to improve corrosion resistance.
  • Borosilicate glass: A type of lass with the main glass forming constituent’s silica and boron oxide.
  • Silica: Silicon dioxide
  • Boron oxide: The chemical element boron which is a metalloid reacts with oxygen to form an oxide.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation: A kind of radiation including visible light, radio waves, gamma rays and x rays and consisting of self sustaining oscillating electric and magnetic fields at right angles and used as a insulating and filtering material.