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About Solar

(40 – 60 kWh ) day for a average household = 40 kwh per day = 1200kWh per month.


Average monthly consumption per household

1200 kWh at  R1.03c  per kWh = R1,231.20 kWh
  • 2013 = R1231.20 kWh (Incl vat price per annual Eskom increase 14.5%)
  • 2014 = R1,409.72 per month
  • 2015 = R1,614.13 per month
  • 2016 = R1,848.18 per month

Annual savings at ± 40%

  • 2013 R1,231.20 x 12 x 0.4 = R 5,909.76
  • 2014 R1,409.72 x 12 x 0.4 = R6,766.68
  • 2015 R1,614.13 x 12 x 0,4 = R 7,747.84
  • 3 Year savings TOTAL = R 20,424.28

Solar Geyser paid off in less than 3 years.


Typical example

150L Thermosyphon with Installation =  R13,153.00 + R4,446.00 = R 17 599.00

Less Rebate: R5,332.00

TOTAL: R12,267.00

After 36 months                                                 


* Financing options are available


Tips to save energy:

  • Use the following easy steps to save on those ever increasing energy bills.
  • A geyser uses 40% of all household electricity; switch it off to save during peak times, using a timer or controller.
  • Insulate geysers and water pipes as this will help the water to stay hot for longer. Reduce the maximum temperature setting for your geyser/ thermostat, to 55ºC .
  • Instead of a bath rather shower, as showers use less water and energy.
  • Energy saving shower heads use less water and electricity.
  • Use energy saving globes (CFLs) instead of incandescent globes.
  • Don’t leave TVs, DVD players and other electrical equipment in stand-by mode – rather switch them off completely.
  • To save energy in your kitchen close fridge doors as quickly as possible when taking items out – do not leave the door open for longer than necessary.
  • Keep room temperatures between 18ºC and 22ºC and wear warm clothes use hot water bottles instead of using a electric blankets. In order to save even more power and money, you can install solar water heating, using the power of the sun to heat your water.


Eskom rebates are applicable (High pressure only):

  • Choose and install an Eskom accredited system supplied by an accredited supplier and registered installers.
  • Ensure that an approved programmable timer is installed by an electrician, thereby cutting out the peak demand times.
  • Ensure your supplier/installer and electrician fills in the relevant details on your claim form.
  • Submit your own details on the claim form and attach the following documents, original invoice, copy of your ID, proof of residence, copy of electricity bill.
  • You must:  post the claim to facilitating auditors (Deloitte), in the provided self addressed envelope or drop the envelope off in a designated drop box within 6 months of date of installation.
  • You will receive the following SMS notification: advising the following.
  • The facilitating auditors have received your application.
  • The application is processed and queued for electronic funds transfer.
  • Your application is incomplete and has either been returned or the problem is being rectified by your supplier.
  • Payment of the rebate will be made within 8 weeks from date of receipt.